Film review: No time for toes by Kari Pieskä

Having children is one of the greatest joys in life. The unconditional and deep love that children give is unbeatable, as is the pride and joy of watching them grow. But it is also true that having a child means sacrifice. Parenthood changes your life forever and it can be exhausting. No Time for Toes, is the short film Finnish director Kari Pieskä shot for his graduation from the Turku Arts Academy, and it talks about the sacrifices of being a father. 

No Time for Toes is an animated short with a very interesting visual proposal. On a white background, and with a very basic, sketched drawing, we see a baby falling from the sky into a man's arms: he has become a father. His life is turned upside down. He must learn to take care of the baby, feed him, dress him, getting him to sleep and yet, remain productive in his work.

The naïve animation flows and moves from one state to another with ease, agility and rhythm. The viewer witnesses how the child grows together with the father's exhaustion (however, the father's fatigue is not as evident as the child's growth). Although almost all the actions are repeated at least twice, the film does not get repetitive as it emphasizes the difficulty of parenthood and the need to find a balance between family and professional life, though sometimes, it is difficult not to miss solitude. 

It may be the simplicity of its doodles and the resolution, movement or impersonality of the drawings (we barely see facial expressions), but the truth is that it shows that No Time for Toes can make someone consider very carefully whether or not they want to become parents.

Author: Lucía Ros Serra* 

Title: Viis varpaista (No time for toes)

Director: Kari Pieskä

Year: 2013

Run time: 7’58’’

Genre: Animation

Country: Finland

Contact details: 

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01 August 2014, by Nisimazine