Rematch wins Filmminute Cineuropa Audience Award

This year’s Filminute Cineuropa Audience Award has gone to the powerful Rematch directed by George Molesag. The film came out on top over four other excellent one minute films, with the readers of Cineuropa Shorts deciding upon the ultimate winner. 

The film has proved popular, also winning the Filminute Top Rated award. You can see the film here:

After winning the award, Cineuropa Shorts asked George Molesag some questions about how it all came about

Cineuropa Shorts: Where did the idea for Rematch come about?
George Molesag : It was a real challenge for me to create an intriguing 1 minute story. With the help of my screenwriter, I tried my best to find a social related idea that will remain in the mind of the viewers, more than 1 minute. As domestic violence is a common problem encountered in our society, i felt the need to integrate it in a short film (with a twist, of course), hoping to make the viewers more aware of it.

CS: How long did it take to make the film?
GM: Gathering the team and making all the production preparations took me a week. I managed to do the shooting in one day. (07:00 am - 08:00 pm)

CS: And how do you feel about winning the award?
GM: I feel very happy, of course! I feel rewarded and inspired to create more cinematic stories.

In other awards for Filminute, the Best Filminute went to A Minute of Silence while jury commendations went to 1-0, Nanny, Wojtek, Rematch and The Crack. The People's Choice went to Nanny. You can see all the winning films HERE

08 October 2015, by Laurence Boyce