Once again, FILMINUTE provides a selection of diverse and eclectic films for audiences to enjoy, all one minute and under. With audiences encouraged to vote for their favourite, it’s a chance to see talented filmmakers play with the short film form whilst trying to tell a story on a very short space of time. There are documentaries, animations, serious tales, funny jokes – the selection has it all.

At Cineuropa Shorts we have picked five of the selection that originate from Europe, and that represent a diversity of styles and ideas. We’re challenging our readers to spend five minutes out of their day to watch the five selected films. While modern life is hectic, try and find a spare five minutes – whether waiting for the kettle to boil, the bath to fill up or the washing machine to finish spinning – to check out these films.

Then choose your favourite one be emailing the name of your favourite film to filminute@cineuropa.org by Thursday 26th October. The winner will the Cineuropa Audience Award as part of Filminute

And when you’re done, why not check out the entire Filminute selection and enjoy just what the online festival has to offer.

The films vying for the Cineuropa Shorts Audience Award are:

Crooked (Dir. Tudor Botezatu, Romania)

I Promise (Dir. Ako Mitchell, UK)

La Buena (Dir. Antonio Panteras, Spain)

Ojala (Dir. Marie-Stéphane Cattaneo, Mexico / France)

Sofaholic (Dir. Nicolás Petelski, Spain)

Remember, send an email to filminute@cineuropa.org with the title of your favourite film by Thursday 26th October

16 October 2017, by Cineuropa Shorts