Hamburg celebrates short film


International competition

Jury: Sandro Aguilar, Barbara Engelbach, Joe Gerhardt, Anna-Karin Larsson, Paola Ruggeri

Hamburg Short Film Award

Jury Award of the International Competition, 3000 Euros

Sun Song
Joel Wanek, USA 2013, 15:00 min, Experimental

Jury statement: Beginning with a Sun Ra quote that says we should resist the forces that hold us back, ›Sun Song‹ by JoeWanek invites us to slow down whilst still moving. By distilling the basics of cinema the filmmaker lets us follow the sunlight shaping the world on a moving bus. The motionless passengers flicker in and out of a timeless space, portrayed with a delicate touch and rhythm.

Liberté-Audience Award

Liberté-Audience Award (1500 Euros), presented by Gauloises, given to a short film from the International or the German Competition.

The Way
Max Ksjonda, Ukraine 2013, 21:06 min., Fiction



Jury: Gunter Deller, Anna Gritz, Jorge López Navarrete

NoBudget Jury Award

The jury award of the NoBudget competition, 2000 Euros

Dusty Stacks of Mom: The Poster Project
Jodie Mack, Great Britain 2013, 41:00 min., Experimental

Jury statement: Jodie Mack convinced us with her innovative and vibrant style that brings together her personal story with a larger moment in recent history. The obsessive exploration of her mother’s poster distribution business uncovers abandoned memories that fluctuate between high and low culture. The stop motion collage style manages to reimagine the medium of 16 mm film in a colourful, psychedelic and very personal manner, in effect destroying the old to make way for something new. All throughout the film its viewer is guided by an eccentric soundtrack, a joyful appropriation of the Pink Floyd album ›The Dark Side of the Moon‹.

No Budget Audience Award ›Optimistic Vision‹

The NoBudget Audience Award is worth 1500 Euros.

Dot Matrix
Richard Tuohy, Australia 2013, 16:53 min., Experimental



Jury: Anja Ellenberger, Omer Fast, Sabine Holtgreve

Jury Award German Competition

The Jury Award of the German competition is worth 2000 Euros.

Seven Times a Day We Complain About Our Fate and at Night We Get up to Avoid Our Dreams
Sieben Mal am Tag beklagen wir unser Los und nachts stehen wir auf, um nicht zu träumen
Susann Maria Hempel, Germany 2014, 17:30 min., Experimental

Jury statement: The film with the long title ›Seven Times a Day We Complain About Our Fate and at Night We Get up to Avoid Our Dreams‹ by Susann Maria Hempel is our winner of this year’s German Competition. Based on an interview with an individual who describes being abused, the film interweaves sound and image in an virtuosic and increasingly unsettling way. Using speech, song and animation, the film builds up a little cabinet of horrors in which memory is set loose.


Jury: Anja Ellenberger, Omer Fast, Sabine Holtgreve

Jury Award of the Pilsner Urquell Hamburg Night, 1500 Euros

Presented by Pilsner Urquell

Jury Award Pilsner Urquell Hamburg Night

Timbre Line
Lina Paulsen, Germany 2014, 19:45 min., Documentary

Jury statement: The Pilsner Urquell Hamburg Nacht Prize is awarded to the film ›Waldgrenze‹ by Lina Paulsen. With modest means, the film tells a story of the Eilenrieder forest. A forest keeper describes an individual who has claimed this natural enclave in the middle of Hanover as his refuge. Eschewing psychological or moral judgments, the film opens up room for associations about urban and natural spaces and the question of individual will within ordered society.


The Audience Award "Three-Minute Quickie" (Topic 2014: Doping) is funded by the Hamburgischen Kulturstiftung and is worth 1000 Euros.

Audience Award Three Minute Quickie

Three Experts Turn Up The Heat
Drei Experten drehen auf
Volker Heymann, Deutschland 2013, 3:53 min., Fiction


Jury: Sabine Brantus & Barbara Häbe

The competition spanning ARTE Short Film Award will be awarded by a two member jury. The price consists of the purchase of the film by ARTE (for up to 6.000 euros), which will then be broadcast within its short film programme.

arte-Shortfilm Award

Matthias Müller and Christoph Giradet, Germany 2013, 12:53 min., Experimental

Jury statement: In this work, Matthias Müller and Christoph Girardet perfect their art form of found footage collages. Cut/Wound, ever returning states of pain and emotions. – The eternal human condition.

PRESS RELEASE: The juries and the audiences have made their decisions. At the award ceremony at the Halle 5 of the festival centre Kolbenhof, the winners of the 30th Hamburg International Short Film Festival will be awarded. The main award, the Hamburg Short Film Award for the International Competition, goes to Joel Wanek’s ›Sun Song‹.

In spite of the wonderful summer weather luring people into the countryside and to the beaches, once again more than 15,000 viewers visited our events, braving the cool darkness of the cinemas in spite of the pleasant temperatures outside. Several screenings were sold out, and of course the open air events and our short film walkabout ›A Wall Is a Screen‹ profited from the balmy summer nights: All in all more than 1,300 visitors came to enjoy short films under the open sky.

The 16th Mo&Friese Children’s Short Film Festival with its 35 events saw a massive increase in the number of visitors, growing from 3,000 kids, adolescents and adults last year to 3,600 this year. We are delighted by this fantastic reception.

For the first time a youth jury selected an award winner for the youth programme FreeStyle. Rather than selecting a single award winner, the jury eventually decided to divide it equally between the two films ›No Man’s Land‹ and ›Exchange and Mart‹.

The festival in numbers: This year’s 6,000 entries mark another increase in the number of submissions. Likewise, the number of guests was the highest we have seen so far with 600 guests from Germany and abroad, including about 200 film makers. All this was made possible by about 120 team members presenting more than 120 events.

At the award ceremony, next year’s subject for the ›Three Minute Quickie‹ was announced as well. It’s: ›Based on a true story‹. We are looking forward to films of three minutes or less about the subject. The deadline is 1 April 2015.

Before we say goodbye to the enchantments of our festival, we are going to show the best of our International, German and NoBudget competition in three condensed programmes on Monday, 9 June, as well as the award winners at 7:15 at the Zeise cinema.


10 June 2014, by Cineuropa Shorts