A Wall Is A Screen hits Tampere

A Wall Is A Screen once again took to the streets as hundreds of audience members roamed the Finnish city of Tampere to watch films screened at various locations across the city.

Highlights included Nash Edgerton’s punch of a short movie Bear screened on a side street just outside a pizza restaurant (which included some confused patrons who were rather startled when the audience reacted to the film’s climax) and Jan Ver Beek’s classic experimental documentary On A Wednesday Night In Tokyo – a short following the commuters packing themselves into a Tokyo subway train – that screened in Tampere Railway Station. Slightly confused passengers were forced to walk past the projector giving an added dose of realism to the film onscreen.

A Wall Is A Screen will have its next event during the Glasgow Short Film Festival next week.

07 March 2015, by Laurence Boyce