Too Short To Die calls for applications

14 ambitious European screenwriters and directors, who are keen on developing their short stories with some of the best international tutors, are invited to participate in short screenplay developing workshop “Too Short to Die”. The combination of intensive residential session in Lithuania (September 27th – October 3rd) and online session will result in developed script along with knowledge and skills.

The “Too Short to Die” workshop is organized for the 3rd time and the mission remains the same: to focus on developing the combined analytic and creative capabilities of writing a powerful screenplay for a short film with a strong impact on international audiences from an idea to a final draft. The training programme aims to teach writers to convey ideas and feelings in a structured, consistent and efficient story. This year Final Draft is awarding one of the participants with Final Draft 9 screenwriting software, proven to be an irreplaceable tool for established, internationally famous writers.

Too Short to Die is guided by some of the best international advisers including experienced development consultant and script editor Angeli Macfarlane and Maciej Karpinski, one of the leading screenwriters in Poland who has had sixteen feature screenplays produced.

The workshop includes 2 sessions. The first session is residential and takes place at the peaceful and inspiring resort Anyksciai from September 27th to October 3rd. All the participants are divided into 2 groups and are assigned a screenplay development tutor. A re-writing process takes place throughout the duration of the workshop session, depending on each screenplay’s specific needs, changes suggested by the trainers, or ideas developed within the groups. During the second session (November 2nd to 8th) participants and tutors will meet online for a week of virtual workshop, commenting thoroughly on every project and discussing the re-writes, remaining problems and possible solutions.

Too Short to Die is organized with Lithuanian Film Centre and Creative Europe Desk Lithuania, and supported by AVAKA and Municipality of Anyksciai.

Applications are open for “Too short to die” until 1st of August. Full details of the workshop and application are available HERE. You can e-mail with any queries to

24 July 2015, by Laurence Boyce