Short Film Studies calls for articles for new edition

Published by Intellect, Short Film Studies is a bi-annual publication focusing on the academic study of short film. Each issue closely examines two short films with the aim of encouraging more research and discussion of individual short films as well as contributing to a great understanding of the short film form as a whole.

Short Film Studies Vol. 7, Number 2 will focus on two films that have proved popular on the festival circuit over the past few years. The Jacket (Dir. Patrick Vollrath, Austria, 2015) was the breakout film from Patrick Vollrath who this year received an Oscar nomination for his short Everything Will Be OK. An excellent example of what one can do with the short film form, Cineuropa Shorts reviewed the film HERE. It Can Pass Through The Wall (Dir. Radu Jude, Romania, 2014m , pictured above) was a beguiling example of filmmaking from one of Romania’s most accomplished directors Radu Jude. Part fairy tale and part gritty realism, the film touched many audiences across the world.

All students of short film – including researchers, teachers and film-makers – are invited to contribute to Short Film Studies Vol. 7, Number 2. Each article should focus on either of the two works mentioned above and should not exceed 1,500 words. Any aspect of the selected work may be chosen for study, including interpretive issues, dramaturgy, camera work, editing style, sound, closure, etc. Preference will be given to submissions that explore the premises of the flm itself instead of taking the postulate of a particular theoretician as their principal focus.

Potential contributors should begin by sending a max. 50-word abstract to the editor, Richard Raskin at A prompt response will follow, regarding the suitability of the proposed contribution and authors encouraged to proceed with their articles will be given submission guidelines that include a link to a shot-by-shot breakdown of the selected film. The deadline for submitting completed articles for peer-review is 1 September 2016.

For more information go HERE

The current issue of Short Film Studies – focusing on the shorts Cock Fight and Draft – are available HERE

27 May 2016, by Laurence Boyce