Nordisk Panorama begins

Nordisk Panorama begins in Malmö, Sweden today and promises to bring six days of some of the very best shorts and documentaries from the Nordic region.

The festival will feature its annual Best Nordic Short Film Competition, in which 26 selected short films from the Nordic countries are screened. The award is an Academy qualifying one and worth 7’000 EUR. The festival will also play host to the Best New Nordic Voice competition, with 10 selected debut films (both short and feature documentary). The films will vie for a prize of 3500 EUR.

There are also plenty of special and industry events. These will include A Wall Is A Screen, who will turn Malmö into a living screening room with their now legendary tour giving audiences a chance to see films projected on walls across the city. There will also be the intimidating Would You Buy This, in which short fillmakers are encouraged to bring their short and screen it in front of renowned sales agents – who will give immediate feedback.

There’ll also be an exploration of how the brilliant Swedish film Kung Fury became a viral hit amongst the events on offer

Nordisk Panorama will continue on to 21st September and more information can be found a

The full list of films screening in the shorts competitons is:

Best Nordic Short Film
(Sponsored by the Nordic directors’ associations)

”Ambulance”, Sebastian Torngren Wartin, 2016, 15 min (Norway, Sweden)
”Chameleon”, Christina Lande, 2015, 15 min (Norway)
”Circles”, Frida Kempff, 2016, 14 min (Sweden)
”Dancing for You” Erlend E. Mo, 2015, 25 min (Norway, Denmark, Sweden)
”Delphi”, Søren Peter Langkjær Bojsen, 2016, 26 min (Denmark)
”Dilapidated”, Ole Sebastian Kåss, 2016, 25 min (Norway)
”Elegance”, Virpi Suutari, 2015, 26 min (Finland)
”Fantasy”, Teemu Nikki, 2016, 10 min (Finland)
”Forgotten Reason”, Peter Larsson, 2016, 13 min (Sweden)
”Francis”, Ahmed Abdullahi, 2015, 30 min (Sweden)
”Heart of the Land”, Kaisa Astikainen, 2015, 30 min (Finland)
”How Far She Went”, Ugla Hauksdóttir, 2015, 13 min (Iceland, USA)
”I Love Anna”, Joonas Rutanen, 2015, 10 min (Finland)
”Let Me Run”, Björn Fävremark & John Boisen, 2016, 10 min (Sweden)
”Lulin”, Ludvig Stolterman, 2016, 23 min (Sweden)
”Make a Wish”, Jonatan Etzler, 2015, 13 min (Sweden)
”Melon Rainbow”, Laurits Flensted-Jensen, 2015, 28 min (Denmark)
”Moms on Fire”, Joanna Rytel, 2016, 13 min (Sweden)
”Mr Sand”, Soetkin Verstegen, 2016, 8 min (Denmark, Belgium)
”Mukwano”, Cecilie McNair, 2016, 20 min (Denmark)
”Sia”, Annika Berg, 2016, 30 min (Denmark)
”The Absence of Eddy Table”, Rune Spaans, 2016, 11 min (Norway)
”The Boyg”, Kristian Pedersen, 2016, 5 min (Norway)
”The Log”, Teemu Nikki, 2016, 6 min (Finland)
”Thoughts About Love”, Jani Ilomäki, 2016, 13 min (Finland)
”You’ve Made Your Bed, Now Lie In It”, Alexander Zwart, 2016, 15 min (Norway)

Best New Nordic Voice
(Sponsored by Film i Skåne)

”Best Friends Forever and Ever”, Katrin Bjorgvinsdottir, 2016, 12 min (Iceland)
”Brothers”, Thordur Palsson, 2015, 23 min (Iceland, UK)
”Finite”, Marius Rolfsvåg, 2016, 25 min (Norway, Latvia)
”Front View of My Father”, Nicole Skotte Jacobsen, 2015, 29 min (Denmark)
”Golgotha”, Ulla Heikkilä, 2016, 28 min (Finland)
”Homo Sacer”, Lode Kuylenstierna, 2015, 60 min (Sweden, Denmark)
”I Can’t Be Seen Like This”, Anna Gunndis Gudmundsdottir, 2016, 11 min (Iceland)
”Kiki”, Sara Jordenö, 2016, 94 min (Sweden, USA)
”Moving Target”, Tanja Wol Sørensen, 2016, 30 min (Denmark)
”Resort”, Kasper Møller Jensen, 2016, 17 min (Denmark)

16 September 2016, by Laurence Boyce