Love At First Light wins Cineuropa / Filminute Audience Award!

The winner of this year’s Cineuropa / Filminute Audience Award is the gently comic Irish film Love At First Light (Dir Caroline Grace-Cassidy, Ireland, 2015). With stiff competition again four other intriguing one minute shorts from across Europe, Love At First Light managed to find the most favour amongst the Cineuropa Shorts audience.

You can watch the film here:

We caught up with Love At First Light’s director Caroline Grace-Cassidy to ask her more about the film

Cineuropa Shorts: Tell us a little more about yourself.

Caroline Grace-Cassidy: By day I am a bestselling novelist of five books - currently working on my sixth. By every other minute in my life I am a filmmaker! We have made 5 short films with our production company Park Pictures - most premiering at the prestigious Galway Film Fleadh (we had a winner there to in 2015 called I Am Jesus). All our shorts have thankfully travelled the festival circuit - in Europe and the US.

Cineuropa Shorts: Where did the idea come from?

CGC: The idea just literally popped into my head. I think I was boiling an egg to be honest! I always like to write my short films with a twist - I just loved the idea of a woman being the disastrous one the morning after the night before. When sitting to create work I always look to turning the tables a little. I thought this idea was quirky and fun.

Cineuropa Shorts: How long did it take to shoot and how much did it cost?

CGC: We shot this in one day and took a week to edit. Cost €2,500.

Cineuropa Shorts: Is it difficult trying to compact a film into a minute?

CGC: It is difficult but also an amazing challenge. To have a clear beginning middle and end in 60 seconds is tough. With John White our DOP and Kevin Cassidy my producer we timed and marked out every shot. It wasn't an easy task for the actors, but Steve Gunn and Sarah Flood knew where was no room for anything but delivering the dialogue and small physical movements. They played a blinder I think!

Prepping a one minute this way made the actual movie shoot and edit a lot neater.

Cineuropa Shorts: How do you feel with winning the Cineuropa / Filminute Audience Award?

CGC: We are beyond THRILLED to win the Cineuropa audience award! It means so much to all the team. The fact that our film has been recognised by you guys is amazing! We are a self-funded company so recognition is very important for us going forward for funding. Not to mention the almost 15K views! Amazing.

Cineuropa Shorts: What’s next for you?

CGC: Actually we are in the middle of writing a new one minute (we want to make it 2 in a row with Cineuropa Shorts!!) and also a new short.  Thanks to everyone who watched and voted it really means a lot to us and we will celebrate with a pint of Guinness!

To find out more about Filminute and all the films nominated for it’s awards, visit their website

28 October 2016, by Laurence Boyce