Brussels Short Film Festival announces new co-production forum

The  Brussels Short Film Festival has launched a call for projects for a new co-production forum.

This new initiative aimed at promoting partnerships between European producers and Belgian producers. European producers looking for a Belgian co-production, and Belgian producers looking for a European co-production are invited to submit their projects.

To apply to the co-production forum go HERE

The Brussels Short Film Festival, which runs from 27th April - 7th May, will also offer differents workshops to Belgian professionals for free.

These will include an information session to meet representatives who work in the cinema field and help professionals to realise their projects, a pitching workshop and a speed pitching designed to master the art of defining a project in front of producers in only few minutes, A 'Musical Date' to submit a scenario to two composers and maybe win a 2000€ grant and a dubbing workshop.

29 March 2017, by Cineuropa Shorts