Krakow awards En La Boca in its oldest competition section

Moving documentary En La Boca has triumphed at the 57th edition of the Krakow Film Festival which came to a close this past weekend. While the festival has become more slanted towards feature length documentaries over the past few years, shorts still remain an important part of the festival’s history and the short awards remain the oldest honours that the festival bestows.

Golden Dragon winner En La Boca (Dir. Matteo Gariglio) is a poignant work, following the lives of a poor family eking out a living in Buenos Aires. With a certain air of tragic inevitability, the film shows how a family stays together despite a life on the edges of the law. A full review will appear on Cineuropa Shorts in the near future.

The Silver Dragon for the best documentary film went to Tessa Louise Pope for Netherlands film The Origin of Trouble. The best animated film award was given to  Polish film Strange Case by Zbigniew Czapla. The Silver Dragon for the best short feature film went to Kaveh Mazaheri for the film Retouch from Iran.

The Golden Hobby-horse in Polish Competition went to the film The Ugliest Car by Grzegorz Szczepaniak – a documentary road movie, which, in a funny and warm-hearted way, tells about the extraordinary relationship between mother and son, who travel through Poland and Germany in order to recreate the events from the past.

The best Polish documentary film award went to Stranger On My Couch by Grzegorz Brzozowski. The Silver Hobby-horse for the director of the best Polish animated film went to Zbigniew Czapla for the film Strange Case. The best Polish short feature film award went to Damian Kocur for the film Nothing New Under the Sun

05 June 2017, by Laurence Boyce