Berlin Film Festival

Trailer: Raconte moi des salades (Salad Days) by Olias Barco

Brussels. A day in the kitchen of a restaurant. Diverse nationalities and religions. Diverse approaches in dealing with crisis. The boss is no longer able to pay anyone, not even bills for gas or wine. Everyone is exhausted and stressed by the situation. Moreover, it is hot and tensions rise. A black comedy about the entirely normal madness, conditions and creativity in gastronomy.

03 April 2014

“Belgium is the Hollywood of Europe”

At the Berlinale, director Olias Barco presented his latest short, Raconte moi des salades, which unfolds over the time frame of a single day in the kitchen of his Brussels restaurant

04 March 2014, by Fran Royo

Announcement of the programme of the short competition

Berlin Shorts see the medium of film come to the fore with only two thirds of contenders being shot digitally

17 January 2014, by Laurence Boyce