A Gentle Night wins Palme D’or for Best Short

Chinese film takes home top prize for short films at Cannes; Poland, Spain and Belgium amongst winners in other categories

29 May 2017, by Cineuropa Shorts

UniFrance offers five free short films to celebrate Cannes 70

As Cannes gets underway, UniFrance will give audiences the chance to see five shorts from filmmakers who will be gracing La Croisette in 2017

18 May 2017, by Laurence Boyce

A glimpse at the Cannes short winners of 2016

Spain won the Palme D’or for Best Short with Timecode while Isarel took the Cinefondation prize.

24 May 2016, by Laurence Boyce

Cannes – The short film award winners from across the programmes

Films about teenage angst prove popular amongst winning shorts

25 May 2015, by Laurence Boyce

Cannes Issue of World of Shorts is out now

Magazine discusses the short film programmes of the film festival as well as the big leap from short to first feature

18 May 2015, by Laurence Boyce

Stories and styles of the Next Generation

German short filmmakers celebrate Cannes premieres

16 May 2015, by Birgit Heidsiek

Cannes Critics Week selection showcases a diverse selection of new shorts

Section parallel to Cannes Festival includes latest short from Patrick Vollrath

21 April 2015, by Laurence Boyce

68th Cannes Festival announces short film and Cinéfondation competition titles

European shorts and film schools do well in selection

15 April 2015, by Laurence Boyce

Teaser: Leidi by Simón Mesa Soto

Leidi lives with her mom and her baby. Her boyfriend, Alexis, hasn't shown up in days. That sunny morning, after she bathed her baby, Leidi was sent to buy plantains. Outiside, a guy tells her he has seen Alexis with another girl. Leidi won’t return home until she finds the father of her child. This Colombian/UK coproduction won the Palme d'Or in Cannes this year.

30 May 2014

“I wanted to show the vulnerability of the teenagers in such harsh conditions”

CANNES 2014: Cineuropa met up with Simón Mesa Soto, who directed the short film Leidi, winner of the short-film Palme d’Or at Cannes this year

30 May 2014, by Fran Royo