Trailer: Raconte moi des salades (Salad Days) by Olias Barco

Brussels. A day in the kitchen of a restaurant. Diverse nationalities and religions. Diverse approaches in dealing with crisis. The boss is no longer able to pay anyone, not even bills for gas or wine. Everyone is exhausted and stressed by the situation. Moreover, it is hot and tensions rise. A black comedy about the entirely normal madness, conditions and creativity in gastronomy.

03 April 2014

Trailer: Pride by Pavel Vesnakov

Manol, a retired grandfather, is a patriarch of firm morals and fixed beliefs which he has always upheld in his household. But on this day he learns that the boy he's raised is gay. The life choices of his loved ones challenge his values in a battle he has lost by default.

15 February 2014

Interview: Jeongeun Choi, director of Rise Above

Rise Above follows one guy and his girlfriend's mother as they climb Saraoreum, a volcanic mountain with a lake at the summit. Two people meet for the first time in strangely uncomfortable circumstances, which become clear during their ascent of Saraoreum. This UK production funded by the Korean Film Council and the Jeju Film Commission got a Special Mention at the Riga International Short Film Festival.

17 October 2013

Interview: Rimante Daugelaite, Head of Lithuanian Shorts Agency

Cineuropa met with Rimante Daugelaite, Head of Lithuanian Shorts Agency and Managing Director of the Vilnius International Short Film Festival

15 October 2013